Our Vision
There is little doubt that our Five Dragons (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan) within the Pacific Rim are facing critical times in developing appropriate technology-based training for the organizations within their geographical boundaries. As each day passes new technologies impact the workplace. In this competitive global economy, we envision the development of a series of service centers within each of the Five Dragon entities that will provide in-depth training services to business, industry, the military, and not-for-profit organizations.

Within our respective educational organizations we have been training instructional design teams in both Taiwan, at Tamkang University as well as in Orlando, Florida at the University of Central Florida. Together, we are bridging the world with talent that, as part of the House of Five Dragons, will serve training needs for many years to come.
Our Team
Pictured above, at a meeting in Tamshui, are some of the students, together with their professors, who will comprise our initial team of instructional designers.
As each years passes, these students will become practitioners and new talent will join us to augment our current staff levels. We believe that if we grow the seeds of talent, they will flourish and provide the Five Dragons unlimited success.